Why Choose Kazi Mtaani

Largest network of reliable, competent and skilled experts / workers. Your One-Stop For Services & Jobs. Kazi Mtaani is more than a marketplace for services, where you are sure of getting affordable, well trained and vetted handymen, artisans or fundis for both domestic and commercial services, Getting a fundi or a service simplified.

Done Fast Professionally
Connect with the largest and the most popular network of trusted artisans, handyman or fundi to get the best services.

Reliable Support
On-call customer support team is available 7 days a week to listen to any of your issues.

Vetted Workers
Holistic screening process ensures workers meet the specific needs of your task.

Regulated Pricing
You will not have to negotiate prices for service tasks pre-listed with fixed pricing.

Liberty to schedule service or tasks at any time, from all designated service areas.

Safe Payments
All payments are made via secure and traceable and mobile money or cards.